Units of the strategic air command

The men and women of the force

The Strategic Air Command was broken down into individual units. Line-of-command changed over the years however below gives an idea


Command – Air Force – Air Division – Wing – Squadron – Flight – Unit


Below includes a breakdown to the wing and squadron levels within SAC.


Air Forces

Air Divisions/Strategic Aerospace Divisions

Air Divisions/Strategic Aerospace Divisions     
1st Strategic Aerospace Division4th Air Division12th Air Division17th Air Division19th Air Division21st Air Division22nd Strategic Aerospace Division
40th Air Division42nd Air Division57th Air Division100th Air Division311th Air Division802nd Air Division810th Strategic Aerospace Division
813th Strategic Aerospace Division816th Strategic Aerospace Division818th Strategic Aerospace Division819th Strategic Aerospace Division821st Strategic Aerospace Division

Groups (1946 – 1947)

Wings/Strategic Aerospace Wings (1947 -)

Strategic Wings

Other Formations