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Documents of the strategic air command and the cold war


National Strategic Documents

The Evolution of U.S. Strategic Command, Control and Warning (15mb)

A 481 page document discussing various Strategic Air Command level and higher command, control and communications capabilities throughout the Cold War

The Air Force and the Worldwide Military Command and Control System

 93 page USAF Historical Division Liaison Office document describing the evolution of Air Force command and communications 

Strategic Air Command Related Documents

Alert Operations and SAC 1957-1991 (10.5mb)


 An 89 page Offutt AFB History Office publication about bomber/missile alert programs during the period 

Strategic Air Command Operations and the Cuban Missile Crisis (7.2mb)


 An 146 page document describing SAC deployments and commitments during the crisis

SAC Targeting Concepts (700kb)


 A 14 page document describing how SAC units would activate in time of war

The Air Force and Strategic Deterrence 1951 – 1960


 AF Historical Division paper describing SAC’s adaptation of “New Look” policies and the technological advancements of the 1950s 

overall ICBM related documents

To Defend And Deter: The Legacy of the United States Cold War Missile Program (41mb)


A 609 page document discussing American IRBM, ICBM and SAM development throughout the Cold War

SAC Missile Chronology 1939 to 1988 (17.8mb)


A 108 page chronology of missile development in the Strategic Air Command

Ballistic Missiles In The United States Air Force 1945-1960 (39mb)


A 423 page general history of initial ICBM development from 1945 to 1960

On Alert: An Operational History of the United States Air Force ICBM Program 1945-2011


A 398 page history of Air Force ICBM operational deployment through the end of the SAC era