Offutt Air Force Base

1948 – Present

Carrying a lineage from the Old West, Offutt would later be known for its role as a Martin bomber plant during World War II along with becoming headquarters for the Strategic Air Command throughout the Cold War. Offutt Air Force Base remains America’s nuclear command center along with a number of other nationally critical missions.

In the middle of everything

“Peace Is Our Profession” – Strategic Air Command Motto

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SAC’s home

From 1948 until the end of the Cold War, Offutt Air Force base was home to Strategic Air Command Headquarters. Popular culture denotes Offutt as home to the “big red button”



  • Strategic Air Command Headquarters
  • Underground Command Post
  • Airborne Command Post Mission
  • 549th Strategic Missile Squadron
  • Emergency Rocket Communications System
  • Communications
  • Strategic Reconnaissance
  • Other Roles

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