Nebraska Cold War Installations

Throughout the Cold War, Nebraska played an active part of Strategic Air Command war plans. Aside from SAC Headquarters, an important bomber base, critical communications nodes, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile installations and even a radio-rocket complex left its mark on the Great Plains landscape.

U.S. Air Force Installations

Offutt Air Force Base

Omaha Air force Station


Lincoln Air Force Base

hastings Air force Station

Strategic Air Command Missile Installations/Complexes

Lincoln Afb 551st strategic missile squadron

offutt afb atlas-d / 549th strategic missile squadron



f.e. warren atlas-e site kimball, Nebraska

f.e. warren 90th missile wing minuteman missile sites



Strategic Air Command Communications Sites

silver creek communications annex

lyons autovon site

headquarters emergency relocation team (hert)



High frequency / sac globcomm

ground-wave emergency network sites