Preserving a great history


Preserving SAC’s heritage has been a constant endeavour. For over 17 years the history of a specific Strategic Air Command base has been our goal. Since then we have learned and encountered many more veterans of the service and its our belief that a comprehensive history should exist on the internet.

This site is dedicated to the command veterans on the American Great Plains from 1946 to 1992 however there are a few specific people to recognize along this journey. Marvin Broyhill created a fantastic website dedicated to the command that still exists today. Mr. Broyhill passed away last year and we would have no intention of replacing his site, rather to expand and provide a redundant and ever-growing site where people can learn about the history of the command as well as provide a place for veterans to connect – something often requested on our previous sites.

In addition, we hope to make this site something of a hub for research, external links to other dedicated sites and a place where veterans can share their stories.